Born 1990. Lives and works in Bergen, Norway.

I work with soft, tactile objects. They may appear as things and toys, as nothings and beings. Textile is my main material, and the object as a phenomenon is central to my projects. I am preoccupied with how we interpret and attach value to the things around us. At the same time I question whether the object can be an autonomous unit, with its own awareness of its own existence, or if such a concept merely a projection.

The relationship between human and object is important in my works, and is something that I try to navigate with an open mind. Touch and connection are essential elements, and I encourage wonder and curiosity, while trying to find the balance between the absurd and playful, and the strict and serious.

My work takes the form of sculpture, as interactive installations, as performances and as text, sometimes all combined. I sew and embroider my works by hand and by machine, and consider the textile’s historical and technical value along the way. I try to find the thing’s purpose, whether it is to be a placeholder for all of our hopes and doubts, or to be its own, lovingly unempathetic self.