Recordare (Tida opnar seg)

Seven cotton sculptures with embroidered letters.

A combination of text and objects made for ‘Recordare’, an art exhibition and concert in Volda Kyrkje 12. november 2020. The church as a historic building and institutio accommodates time, rituals and is a place to visit during the great rites of life.

The embroidered texts are about time, human relationships and memories, and their form serve as an object for contemplation for the audience along the church pews. As a series they are visually more muted than my previous sculptures, as they were made to respond to the particular interior of the church.

Å gjenta orda, aldri før uttalte

Å røre ved tomrommet

Det mjuke blikket

Tida opnar seg

Andar, slår

Kanskje, kanskje, kanskje

Alt blir, akkurat som det er, akkurat som det var