Slowly, the thing becomes itself

BLOKK Visningsrom

This exhibition combines text and textile sculpture, through slow processes that one finds in hand sewing, embroidery and text. It explores the object's consciousness, and the relationship between man and object. The project as a whole is rooted in object-oriented ontology, inspired by the psychoanalyst DW Winnicott's work with object attachment, known as 'transitional objects.'

As an exercise, I started writing down one sentence every day for a year, reflecting on time, relationships and memories. Later, some of this work became the basis for abstract textile sculptures, soft beings with a bodily presence. The hand embroidered words describe what it means to become, touch, turn away, disappear. In many ways tapping into both the sculpture and human's thoughts and feelings about the relationship between them. 

In my practice, I am preoccupied with the sculpture's autonomy, and of finding the sculpture's purpose in a world controlled by humans. In this project, the sculptural works are given voice and a language through text, which the audience can experience and interpret through their own inner voices. Through this, there may be a way into the object's mind via the audience's inner emotional life. By planting small thoughts, the sculptures acheive their purposes, which is to hold the symbolic value humans give it. That's no small job.

In connection with this exhibition, I launched Words to occupy your hands while walking, a publication about six textile objects, embroidered with texts about time, transformation, repetition, thoughts.

The exhibition was supported by Bergen Municipality.