Klump goes to Tokyo

In 2017 I traveled to Tokyo. I was travelling to see the city and friends who live there. But somehow this didn’t feel as enough of a reason, and after my trip to India I felt very troubled about taking another long-distance flight so shortly after the first. Before the trip, I read up on the habit of bringing small plushies as travel companions. I decided to make up some extra intent so I would at least get some nice artistic research material. I made an object perfect for carrying, manageable in size and lightweight, and in materials sturdy and easy to care for.

I carried it with me over the course of 14 days, staying mainly within the Tokyo prefecture. It was in the middle of summer. I was never alone, it went everywhere I went and even got lost a few times. I found myself constantly asking my fellow travellers for help: could they hold this, take a photo of that, film me as I carry it in my backpack?

Why is it important to bring this with me, I asked myself. Why do I choose to include these objects in my life? Why do I have to do this every single day?? 

This action blurred the lines between my personal and artistic life. Being forced to consider the object and its interests in whatever situation we found ourselves in, it ultimately altered the presence and experiences of those situations. As with most art objects, it is an object with no real purpose and use-value in every day life. Now has become an object that both stores memories and may be present in the memories of others.

The thing is I just don’t know what to do with it now.

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