The Creation of Pink Energy

In collaboration with Renate S. Handal
Galleri Fisk, Bergen

Look up at the sun as you close your eyes,
what color do you see?

Pink is a color outside of the color spectrum, as it always contains a mix of wavelengths. It cannot be pinned down as something specific, as its nature will always be multiversal. The color is found everywhere. Galaxies, intestines, plants. Gums, porn, maggots. It is under your skin, your nails, your eyelids. It can never be escaped because it is already part of you.

It is time we tune in to the wonderful vibrations of pink. We are the same, but we can't see the same: our mind's eye is far too subjective. There is no such thing as the real.

It is time to play.

Video projection by Renate Handal, featuring sound playing continuously through out the exhibition.