Venner - Kunstmøter i Barnehagen 2021

Project in collaboration with Klosteret Barnehage, by initiative of Bergen Kommune. The aim was to create interactive, physical encounters between children and sculpture. 

The project was divided into three parts:

Meeting and playing with 5 large soft sculptures, where after an initial introduction, the children were free to approach the sculptures on their own terms. I often use the word "friend" about the sculptures I make, and and continued this when I introduced the sculptures to the children. Which sculptures are friends with each other? What properties do they have in terms of shape and color? We talked about what the shapes reminded them of, and what they could be, and the children gave them names and personalities.

In part two the children were introduced to 20 smaller sculpures, all in the same shape but made in different fabrics.  The sculptures were round with two «arms». I introduced the sculptures to the children in small groups. The sculptures have been allowed to stay in the kindergarten on a permanent basis, so that the children could use them in their everyday play time. The aim was that these objects would take on an infinite number of roles through play and interaction, and become living art objects.

In part 3, the children got to create their own soft sculpture friends. I made objects in white cotton which children could paint and decorate according to their own wishes. The objects were the same size and shape as the ones in part 2. The children used watercolors, markers and sequins to create their expression. The sculptures were hung in the window of the kindergarten as an exhibition for the entire kindergarden and for the parents to see. Afterwards the soft sculptures went home to their respective maker.